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Natural and organic beauty boutique with hand-picked niche European brands.

Located in Luxembourg

Twist Be

TwistBe was founded by three Finnish women and mothers that have degrees in skin biology, cosmetic manufacturing and economics. Their product selection has been carefully curated based on our collective expertise in all things skincare.

Ladies from Twist Be know what the skin needs and which ingredients fulfill those needs, and this has been the basis for everything they offer. However you define “green beauty” - clean, toxin-free, natural, organic - TwistBe ticks all the boxes.

TwistBe is a global online shop and store in Helsinki, Finland that specializes in holistic, high-performance skincare.

Henua Organics

Henua is a Finnish word, rooted deep in northern folklore and used still today to describe a a feeling of wellbeing, enjoyment and happiness. These qualities in mind, Henua set out to develop a skincare range so pure, so balanced and so luxurious, that it would enable everyone to feel that blissful Henua moment every day.

Virta Well-Being

Yoga & Creative Well-being. Tailored yoga & other well-being services for organizations in Finland.


Hálo is a high quality design label from Arctic Lapland, based in Helsinki Finland.

Inspired by the Arctic landscape and light phenomena, hálo shares eight seasons of Lapland through different series.

Heidi Tuisku

A wedding dress designer based on Helsinki, Finland.


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